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Working Cockers as Pets

Despite reading all the breed information, people will still ask what are the Working Cocker Spaniel (WCS) like as pets. A question which I answer each time, they are excellent and loyal family pets!

The WCS is very adaptable to its family, so if your an out and about, busy family and want a dog that will be with you - then your can't go far wrong with the WCS, but if your a laid back easy going then again the WCS will be good for you.

They are relatively easy to train and will pick up the basics very quickly as they are keen, intelligent dogs and eager to please and once they have gained your trust they will do pretty much what you ask of them. Training on a serious level should be 6-9 months old (when most training clubs will then accept them), but basics can easily be taught at home.

One of the most friendly, outgoing, confident dogs and one that will happily grow up with children, young or older. The WCS is a sensitive dog and will sense your moods, remember you will need to be firm as well as gentle with this breed.

Excercise with your puppy, should be little at the beginning allowing your pup to develop their bones as well as their muscles. If training with titbits, try to resist those puppy dog eyes when they are pleading for another morsel - a fat pup is a receipe for a unhealthy adult dog!

Its fallacy that this breed needs to be walked for hours on end to keep it excercised, what they need is to be occupied, not allowed to become bored as they can then become destructive. Lots of socialisation with other dogs, games, retrieving balls, agility and if you do walk them regularly, make sure you vary the walks as they like us enjoy variety!

Contary to its counterpart the Show Cocker, the WCS is much easier to groom and whilst it will still need regular brushing which we recommend starts from a very early age, it won't need extensive grooming sessions as the fur is much shorter and easier to contend with. It is still recommended that you ensure you have the right brushes and equipment to groom them, and spend at least 5 mins every day brushing your puppy so that it becomes the norm.

WCS love water! Be warned, they will happily launch themselves into a muddy puddy, ditch or river.... a towel becomes a must for walks with these dogs as they are just as happy wet as dry!

If you have already decided that a Cocker is the dog for you, but your still unsure of which strain to go for my classic analagy of the breed is:

Show Cocker - Naomi Cambell


WCS - Bob the Builder

However one thing is for sure, whatever strain you go for you will not regret it as they are one of the most faithful, loving dogs you will ever ask for.